From the forthcoming book, Beyond the Weather:
5 Steps to Great Conversation.

Everyone talks, but relatively few engage in conversation. Fewer still create “Great Conversation.” But so many of us yearn for it.

"Great conversation" connects us with one another, with ourselves and with our humanity.  

In this polarized world, we are more networked and yet more isolated than ever. Conversation is the secret sauce that makes networks and relationships work. Conversation is the key to connection, a primal need, yet so much talk consists of stunted, unsatisfying “serial monologues.” To find satisfaction as individuals and to survive as a diverse, democratic society, we need to rediscover the art of Great Conversation. That is the subject of this web site, and of my forthcoming book.

I’m no stranger to the weary woes of stunted conversation. For years I hid behind self-built walls of isolation. Then I learned a few secrets. I shared these learnings and insights over a 22 year career, teaching, consulting, and coaching conversational skills on 4 continents, in 3 languages, to Fortune 500 companies, to leaders of the emerging democracies in Eastern Europe, to doctors and bakers and just plain folks, hungry to learn.

BEYOND THE WEATHER is the story—how anyone can increase satisfaction, feel the connection, and increase success through Great Conversation.

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The Joy of Great Conversation


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