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Thanks for stopping by my website, Memoir & Mindfulness, M & M, for short.  

Why M & M? Because they’re two subjects that have a lot in common, though they’re not usually found together. Two subjects that I’m passionate about. Two subjects that bring so much joy and fulfillment. If you haven’t already, try them out. Please browse the website and see what you think.  

After writing my memoir (King of Doubt) and teaching memoir writing, and after practicing mindfulness as my basic life philosophy, I realized something intriguing: the more mindful I am, the better memoir writer I become. The better memoir writer I become, the better mindfulness practitioner I am. Nice that it works that way, right?   

Memoir is a search for truth from the past, the story beneath the story. Mindfulness is a search for truth in the present, life absent the tricks and deceits of the mind. Memoir and Mindfulness together create a path to the creative life, peace and freedom from fear. For more on why and how and how you might want to try out this powerful, exhilarating and creative combo, please check out my blog; come to one of my events; read King of Doubt; stay tuned for my forthcoming Write Your Story, Claim Your Life: Memoir & Mindfulness; and let me hear from you!

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May 2-4, 2018 Ashland, OR

Ever thought about writing a memoir or life story?  This workshop will help you to learn the fundamentals, get going, and find inspiration for the journey. Peter will be offering a 3-day version of his highly acclaimed class on May 2 - 4, 2018. $450 includes post-workshop coaching session, materials, lunches. An early bird discount of $400 will be available if you register before April 23, just enter coupon Early Bird at checkout.


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In a small town on the west coast of Scotland, five-year-old Peter Gibb trades his soul to the devil in a futile attempt to win the approval of classmates, teachers, and parents. Follow the story of Peter's humorous but desperate struggle to find a way out of the dungeons of doubt. An insightful tale of lost and found, King of Doubt grips you with tension as it warms you with heart. Anyone who has ever struggled with self doubt -- and who among us hasn't? -- will see themselves in these pages. This moving story, one man's journey from doubt to wonder, will fill you with hope and promise. The story rivets your attention to the final word, while the beauty of the language still sings long after the reading.


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“Daddy, you should write a memoir. You’ve done so many interesting things,” my daughter Caitlin urged me. “Memoir? Not for me,” I said.  I looked down on memoir. Not really so creative, I thought, just regurgitating the facts of your life. Self-absorbed. Boring.

I was confusing memoir with autobiography.  Autobiography tends to be chronological, from birth (or before) to today. Plodding forward. Think history text book but on a personal level. Nominally objective. Memoir, by contrast, is theme oriented. 

If you are interested in starting your writing journey, check out my blog for more insights about memoir and mindfulness and how you can begin to share your story with others. 

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