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peter2I got hooked on writing at age 5, when I wrote a story about a boy and girl who went to the woods to search for chives. Writing, I discovered, is a great way to seek and to find,  answers, new questions, and sometimes just chives. I’ve been seeking and writing and spicing it up ever since.

I was raised in the West Indies, Scotland, England and the U.S.(Washington, D.C.) and graduated from Brown University.  For years, I traveled the world and my own inner spaces and grew careers faster than an octopus grows legs. I worked with U.S. Foreign Service (Lima, Peru); as a High School English and Art Teacher (Los Angeles, Ca.); military service with USAF (Biloxi, Miss. And 3 years in Germany); as a foreign Language teacher (English, Spanish and German) in Kavala, Greece; in Non-profit management (San Francisco); in solar technology and home remodeling. Searching the world and the job market for someting that I knew was missing. Chives, maybe.

After acknowledging my blinding flash of the obvious that I would never find the answer "out there," I settled down to live in Marin County, just north of San Francisco, and became a partner with Interaction Associates, an Organizational Development consulting & training company, good work and a good company.  I learned so much, about friendship, collaboration, and myself. I worked with IA for 22 years, first out of San Francisco, and then moving the family to Dublin, Ireland. After my family returned to U.S., I spent the final five years of my career with Interaction Associates, growing the business in Europe (and commuting from San Francisco, whew!)

When Wendy and I married, I suddenly had the chance to co-father and participate in raising two wonderful little guys, Doug and Gavin. Our daughter Caitlin arrived a year later. All three are now well established in their own lives and careers, and well-partnered. We are now blessed with two delightful granddaughters. When the last child left the nest, we moved from the S.F. Bay Area to Ashland, Oregon, where I began to write, at first children’s books, and then two novels, before I discovered the delights of personal non-fiction. My multiple award-winning memoir, King of Doubt, was released in February, and is to be followed up by a second book, Memoir & Mindfulness: Become the Author of Your Own Life.

front-cover-final In recent years, I have dedicated myself to two guiding principles. The first is creativity – the quest, the moment of inspiration, the joy of exploration and discovery. This is my life blood, what makes me feel most alive and present. In addition to writing, I've dabbled in fine art painting, cartooning, and music (saxophone). I hope to go on creating until the day I die. The second principle that sustains me is mindfulness, the ongoing adventure of trying to be present to the moment, tuning into my own feelings, thoughts, and sensations, and holding myself and all around me in compassion. To my eternal good fortune, memoir and mindfulness turn out to be flip sides of the same coin, and so I now teach, coach and speak about them together. I try to live my life close enough to the edge that I can see over but not topple off. One day at a time. I fail often, but I thrill to the journey.

That's mostly the outer story. For the inner story ... well, read the book.

Contact me at peter@petergibb.org.
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