About Peter

peter2Thanks for stopping by my web site. If you’re interested in Mindful Communication, both spoken and written, read on.

I awoke, one morning, to a blinding flash of the obvious. The same mindful philosophy that guided my writing guided my verbal communication. I had published my memoir, King of Doubt, taught memoir writing, and practiced mindfulness as my basic life philosophy for 35 years. It was time to expand: to write, teach and speak about Mindful Speaking as well as Mindful Writing. The result was a new book, How to Talk to Anyone, Anytime, Anyplace, about Anything . . . and Enjoy It (currently in process), a new class and speaking on that same topic. As part of the research for those efforts, I now offer (free) a 24-question survey, designed to help you understand your personal, conversation style, and learn about it’s strengths and limitations. I continue my work with memoir writers, teaching (both Introductory and Master Class), editing and coaching, and speaking on “Discovering Your Story–The Joy of Mindful Writing.”

Contact me at peter@petergibb.org.

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