Key Note Speaking, Reading and Presentations

With over twenty-five years of experience as an actor, public speaker and seminar leader, I deliver informative, inspirational, and engaging talks. Topics include the following:

Mindful Conversation: Beyond the Weather: 5 Steps to Great Conversation. Inspiring, humorous and practical advice on how to get the most out of every conversation.

Memoir and Mindfulness. Weaving together stories and examples, I demonstrate the synergy of M&M, and inspire listeners to “write your story and claim your life.” Practical, interactive and fun. Mixed media.

Why Write? An inspiring talk about the writing life. What does it mean to be a writer? What does a writer really do? What does it take to be a writer? Why I write and why you might (or might not) want to try it.

Performance Art Memoir Reading. I will read from and discuss my award-winning memoir, King of Doubt. Through reading and performance, this mixed media show is an author reading very different from the norm. Prepare to be amused and inspired. Be ready to laugh and cry.

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Memoir Coaching and Editing

I will be your advocate and ally, working with you as coach and editor to help you reach your writing goals. Some clients begin with me from the start of their journey. I help them translate and idea into a book, conceptualize and launch the project and then as an ongoing coach, sounding board and editor. I work with others after they have completed a draft and want an independent set of eyes to help them take their manuscript to the next level. I can also help you explore publishing options and approaches in a complex, changing industry. Contact me at to discuss how we might work together in a way that fits your goals, your schedule and your budget.


Memoir & Mindfulness workshops, in half-day, full day, and two-day formats, for a minimum of five and a maximum of twelve participants. These are highly participatory events, that involve reading, writing, meditation, discussion and feedback. Classes with mixed levels of writing experience and age are welcome.

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"Thank you for a great class, Peter.  This is the best creative writing class that I have taken."   Conney A.

Memoir & Mindfulness gave me much more than I expected when I signed up for it.  Peter is incredibly dedicated, supportive, and insightful, and I was excited to do the assignments and come to class each week.  I learned how to retrieve memories, write scenes, discover themes, craft effective dialogue, maintain a consistent point of view, and hold the reader’s interest.  I learned how to try out different structures for my project to see which felt organic to my story.  The class was immensely valuable in helping my project take shape.  I recommend Peter’s services to anyone interested in writing their story.

Gail P.

This class inspired me to engage in a level of self-reflection that felt transformational. Thinking about the events that shaped my life occupied my mind for many more hours than are reflected in what I wrote on paper. There are critical moments when we must choose a person or a path, and those determine everything that follows. By examining the context and the forces that influenced those choices, we can better understand who we are.

Gayle G.


Peter is available to schedule events, starting in early March, 2017. Contact me at to discuss your particular needs and timing.